>A few days ago a man asked what motivates me when I write. Is it books I’ve read? (I really don’t have time to read.) Television shows I’ve watched? (My nose is in my laptop so much I hardly look at it anymore.) Conversations I may have overheard? (Kids do have active imaginations, but they don’t always share my interests.) Actually, music motivates me, my characters and my story.

Almost every character in SECRETS has a song, band or genre they fit into.

Take David and Mia for example. Their relationship is far from simple, yet they continue to try to keep their love for one another alive despite a single unimaginable obstacle. When I wrote their part in the book I need look no further than Evanescence. Like You in particular. Haunting music and mournful lyrics tell the couple’s tormented tale perfectly.

Drew is so outgoing and opinionated nothing besides Pink and Katy Perry will do for her. Pink’s emotion filled lyrics put me in her state of mind anytime Drew’s anger gets the best of her while Katy Perry’s playful, fun lyrics fit her sarcastic, quick wit to a tee.

The one song I can honestly say fits Kale like no other is One Republic’s Everybody Loves Me. He’s as gorgeous as he is charismatic and he knows it. All American looks combined with the cool confidence of a leader makes for one hell of a combination.

When I want to write dialogue for either Raine or Leah only Nickelback’s music comes to mind. Heart-felt words as well as the strong emotional bond the two share is best felt when listening to I’d Come For You. A confrontation with Dane or Mark brings to mind Just For.

Donovan’s music is both dark and exhilarating. I love turning on Phantom of the Opera when his turn comes up. The mystery lures a listener in providing a false sense of calm only to lead them into a trap they can’t escape. Donovan’s intentions are easily hidden behind his beautiful smile and amazing air of superiority. Like the phantom over Christine, Donovan enjoys complete trust from those looking to him for security, manipulating people and circumstances only when the out come will benefit him.


3 thoughts on “>Inspiration

  1. ZIA says:

    >Such an interesting blog! As a writer, I have often derived so much from the songs that move me, so I was very interested to read your insights. This was a pleasure to read!

  2. Harmony says:

    I’m also inspired by music; I have it playing in the background when I write. But I’ve never considered ‘assigning’ my characters a genre or a song. Great food for thought.

  3. alchira4ever says:

    Missy, I so agree with your choice of music! It fits everyone perfectly šŸ˜‰
    Michelle šŸ˜‰

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