>Why Do I Do It?

>Why do I write dialogue the way I do? What made me decide to use scents and colors? Why do I not keep Leah and Raine at odds with one another? Why…?

Please bear with me as I attempt to answer these questions and quite possibly more.

Dialogue – Words like y’all, gonna, wanna and holler are common words here in Texas. Simply put, using them in a story that’s based in Texas made perfect sense. Staying true to not only myself and my characters, but my fellow Texans as well just felt right.

Scents – Have you ever walked into a room and a certain smell triggers some wonderful childhood memory you’d forgotten? Gone into a hospital, dreading the antiseptic smell that assaults your nose from the moment you walk through the doors? Driven down a road, enjoying the fresh morning air only to hit a wall of skunk? Did my questions bring all those scents and more to mind?
Whether we want to admit it or not scents, good or bad play a very important role in our daily lives. Giving Leah the power to smell the true personalities of those around her gives her a way to protect herself from harm without having to hide behind the strengths of others. As a Dhampir she possesses more power the a normal woman, but against a full vampire or an angry werewolf that physical power is useless. Wits, amazing abilities and intuition help her survive.

Colors – This is probably the easiest to explain and an ability I truly wish I had. The hazes Leah sees signify mood. Red is obviously anger, white; happiness. Blue; worry/depression. Purple: mystery/excitement. When scent fails, Leah looks to those to determine what her next course of action should be. It’s just one more ability she can fall back on.

As for why Leah and Raine don’t have the same tumultuous relationship other lead characters have is because they NEED each other. There is far more going on in the world around them to keep them bickering back and forth about whether or not they truly love the other. Their relationship is solid because it HAS to be.

No, I’m not endorsed by Ford. I just happen to like domestic automobiles.
Yes, I LOVE lingerie.
I like to use real places within Weatherford so the reader can get an honest feel for the people and the area. It is truly a beautiful place.
And finally, YES, I am a detail freak.


2 thoughts on “>Why Do I Do It?

  1. JEFritz says:

    >I think detail freaks make the best writers.

  2. Dawn Kirby says:

    >Sometimes the details are the most important part.

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