The Beginning of a Journey

     My journey as a writer started two years ago this month. Then it had been a way to get a character who had been inside my head urging me to tell her story for over fifteen years. She called out to me as I went about my daily life. Whispered to me when I laid my head on the pillow at night, haunting my dreams as  I slept; filling every corner of my mind with vivid images of her world. The more I pushed her away the stronger her voice became until finally I gave in.

     I can remember the day like it was yesterday. As I sat down at the table, pencil in hand, a stack of notebook paper in front of me, I wondered if I could do this woman justice. Her story was so compelling, so extraordinary there was no way a simple housewife could tell it. Even so, I wrote. 

     From the moment lead touched paper Leah took over, inspiring me, compelling me to tell her story. For months I wrote. Writing, editing, revising. My characters morphed. The simple plotline I started out with intensified. The amazing yet dangerous supernatural world Leah belongs took shape. Good and bad took their places. Some truly good. Some hiding their true intentions behind a veil of false friendship. All came together to create my story; Leah’s story.

     Ten rewrites, countless pencils and no less than eighteen packages of notebook paper later SECRETS was done. What now? Share it? Tuck it away? Throw it away? Was it ridiculous to think I could write anything worth reading? Probably, but I decided to share it with the one person who’d been supporting me quietly for months; my husband.

     To say Jamie is supportive would be an understatement. He’d picked up the slack while I wrote. He did the laundry. Washed dishes. Even kept the kids occupied so I could write. He wanted me to tell my story no matter how long it took. At the same time I knew I could count on him for complete and total honesty. (That’s the best part about having a truly supportive husband…little white lies only go so far…if it sucks, that wonderful, loving man WILL tell you.)

     So, the impatient woman I am, I perched myself at his side while he read. (Did I mention he’s patient too?) My anticipation grew every time he turned a page. Every laugh made me smile. Every frown left room for self-doubt. After watching his facial reactions for a day and  a half his nose emerged from the pages a genuine smile on his face…all those long days and late nights were worth it.    

     Up till now I’ve shared SECRETS with family, friends and friends of friends and complete strangers with an enormous amount of success. Now I’d like to share Leah’s story with as many people as I possibly can. It’s a long hard road to hoe I know, but one I know will enjoy taking. Rejections I see as learning experience. Compliments, a reason to write even better.  

     I’ve poured my heart and soul into writing and now I lay it out to the world waiting, hoping the characters I’ve created can find their way into the hearts of readers as they have found their way into mine.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning of a Journey

  1. Love your description of how your novel was born. Sounds like you’ve been a writer for at least 15 years, ever since that character first started begging to have her story told.

  2. J.A. Pak says:

    It often starts like this, the writing choosing us. I’m so glad you found support.

  3. What a beautiful tale of support for your dreams. Also well done for having the tenacity to keep working on drafts until you got it to the place you wanted. Thanks for posting your story, and “happy anniversary” 🙂

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