“You’re really gonna sit there and tell me that’s all you wanted me for?” Shay asked, as Mara rolled off him and reached for her jeans.

   “Yep,” she said sliding back into her clothes. She looked down at him, surprised to see his green eyes could possibly get any darker. “Most guys don’t mind a quick romp now and then. No commitment. No ‘call me in the morning’ bull shit to deal with.”

   “What if I want the bullshit?” he asked reaching out to touch her hand. So soft, so warm. She jerked it away and sat back down to put her shoes on. He didn’t dare try to touch her again. “You’ve gotta give me something here. I’m not a love ‘em and leave ‘em kinda guy. I never would have done this if I knew it meant the end of everything.”

   “Look Shay,” she said, her hand sliding across his firm thigh. God, touching him felt good. “I like the chase. Catching and using my prey is and will always be my goal. Nothing’s gonna change that.” She stood up and stretched, bowing her back until it popped. “I got mine, you got yours and now you get to go home and tell your friends all about it.”

   “I wasn’t planning on telling a soul,” he told her angrily. Shay grabbed his jeans and pulled them on without even standing up. How could she think for a minute he’d want to brag, he thought to himself. He cared about their relationship too much to jeopardize it, especially now. “You know, I’ve told you before I’m not like everybody else in this town. When are you gonna figure that out?”

   “Maybe you should be,” she said, anger flashing through her beautiful black eyes.

   Mara wasn’t mad at him. She was mad at herself. Shay was the sweetest guy she’d ever met in her life. He liked talking to her. He always knew how to make her feel better when she’d had a bad day. Sleeping with him on a whim was the last thing she wanted to do, but when she felt the pull of the change come on she knew she had to do something. Nailing him where he stood, expending every ounce of energy she had kept the animal from rearing its ugly head.

   She’d do anything to keep the wolf within from gaining control. The shift itself didn’t hurt. Though it felt far from natural, the pain was never more than a dull ache. The trouble was nights were unpredictable when the animal came out. Her mind blanked out. She never came out of a shift where she’d gone into one. More than once she’d returned to human form with blood smeared all over her body. Sex she’d found, stopped the change in its tracks.

   Shay stood up beside her, brushing a stray clump of icy white hair behind her ear. He could see the mental struggle burning in her eyes. His fingers gently traced her jaw line. His thumb brushed her lip. He could feel her body relaxing into his.

   Shivers ran down her spine. She tried to push away from him when she felt his hold tighten, but his arm held her waist firmly. He wasn’t going to make walking away easy.

   “What are you running from?” he asked. “I’ve watched you for years. You never let anyone in, not even your mother. Why?”

   “Do you blame me?!” she asked incredulously. A master alcoholic wasn’t someone she wanted to let in. “She’s not in her right mind half the time. The other half she’s just mean.”

   “No. I’m just saying you need somebody to be there for you. I’m offering to be that somebody. All you have to do is trust me.” His eyes bore into hers as if he were trying to break down some invisible wall. “Talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.”

   He didn’t know how bad she wanted to tell him about the nights she couldn’t control the beast inside her. How bad she wanted to tell him about the times she’d found herself miles away from home stark naked and drenched in blood. He didn’t know how much she wanted to tell him she thought she loved him…Had always loved him. Walking away now was the only way to protect them both.

   “I told you, Shay,” she said flashing a fake smile. “It’s all about the chase for me.”

   “I don’t believe you,” he told her. He’d learned how to read her smiles over the years and that one was forced. “If sex was all you wanted from me, you wouldn’t have let me get close to you.” She looked up at him, her eyes softening. “I’ve watched you with other guys. You may flirt, but you always have your guard up.”

   “And you think you’re any different?”

   “I know I am,” he said confidently. He loosened his hold on her waist. She didn’t move away. “See, you trust me.”

   “No, I’m cold,” she told him quickly. “It is the middle of winter after all.”

   “I still don’t believe you.”

   She pushed him away from her and jerked her jacket off the ground. She wasn’t cold, but he didn’t have to know that. Once she steeled up her nerves and pushed her tears back as far as she could, she turned a pair of cold black eyes on him. The chill he felt coming from her was obvious. Goose bumps broke out all over his broad chest and arms.

   “Listen, I’m not gonna stand here and say the sex wasn’t great. I’d even be interested in doing it again sometime. The thing you need to get through that thick skull of yours is ‘love’ isn’t me. No matter how sweet your words are or how softly you touch me I’m not gonna fall for you. Come tomorrow morning I’ll mean less to you than you do to me.”  

   “So I’m nothing to you now?” he asked, digging his fingers into his black hair. Hurt reverberated in his voice.

   “No more than you were before,” she answered, shrugging as if the pain he felt wasn’t there. Deep down she was screaming. It hurt her to say those things to him, but it had to be done. She couldn’t risk him discovering her secret or worse, him getting hurt because of it. He took a step towards her. She backed up. Time to sever it, she thought to herself. “You’re no different than the other guys I’ve been with and believe me, there have been a lot. To me, y’all are just one long train. I’ll bang away as long as I can, as much as I can. When my time’s up, I’ll move on to the next.” His shoulders dropped in defeat, but she wasn’t done. She flashed a fabulous smile and twiddled her hair through her fingers. “Who knows, I may even get a chance to find out if your brother is as good as you are.”

   That did it. Shay’s hands balled up into fists. His jaw twitched. He’s never wanted to hit a girl as bad as he wanted to hit her right now. He knew she could be cruel, but he didn’t think she’d ever turn it on him. They’ve been friends, good friends for four years now. He thought he knew her. He thought she cared. Clearly he was wrong.


26 thoughts on “USED

  1. laradunning says:

    Dawn I like this. Sounds like this girl has a really complicated life. The language, the subject matter, all added to the suspense and the feel of the piece. I think if you italisized some of the personal through phrases such as “God, touching him felt so good.” It would make the characters personal thoughts jump at you more. I can’t help but feel sorry for Shay and understand his frusration.

  2. Dawn Kirby says:

    Thanks Lara! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by read and comment. Thanks for the advice, too. Mara’s life is more complicated than anybody can ever imagine. Shay just happened to get caught in the crossfire.

  3. Sabrina Ogden says:

    Holy Crapoli! You be a sexy writer… Nice little story you have here and I’m already in love with these characters. You make me smile twitter pal!

    Is this what I can expect when I read the books you sent me? And why aren’t they published? Hmmm—we need to get on this. NOW!

    • Dawn Kirby says:

      Thanks Sabrina! I’m grinning just reading your comment! Yes, this is just a little bit of what you can expect. SECRETS is an absolute roller coaster ride compared to this one. No luck in the agent/publisher game is why they’re not published, but I’m doing my best in that department!

  4. Phlegyas says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this.
    I suppose that any piece that makes you wanna interact with its characters is a well written piece. Just like this one. I wanna crawl in there and bash her head in!
    Well done girl!

  5. Holy crap! What a story. I like all the twists. Poor Shay. Can’t help wondering how Mara got home though, all those times she found herself far away and naked. Looking forward to more of your flash Fridays.

    • Dawn Kirby says:

      Thank You! I’d love to say he made her walk home, but being the kind of man he is, I’m positive he made sure she got there safely. I can’t wait to write more.

  6. Jess says:

    Oh, i LOVE this!! Have to admit, I wish you’d have given us a little more… lol but it’s so good! Mara pissed me off with that brother comment! EW LOL

  7. Aidan Fritz says:

    I like the layers you capture in this flash. Her fears underneath and the way her words disagree with her wants and desires.

  8. Mom says:

    At’s my girl! Still amazes me what comes out of that typewriter you work magic

  9. Lyn says:

    I like the twists and turns as the plot unfolds. The emotional turmoil of both characters comes through well. I wanted there to be more, for the story to continue. It’s a great read.

    • Dawn Kirby says:

      Hello Lyn,

      Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you taking the time to comment as well. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story, I do plan on developing it further in the near future. I’m already in love with the plot I’ve got in mind. Please feel free drop in anytime!

  10. John Xero says:

    Hi Dawn,

    I really loved this right up to the last paragraph where you suddenly switch from her thoughts to his. We’re with her the whole way, experiencing her anguish and heart-breaking resolve (very well handled btw) and then we jarringly (for me) end up in his head.

    Maybe if you conveyed his anger from her POV, her seeing his fists, hating that she has turned this sweet, kind man to anger, adding another layer of pain she must conceal.

    Hope you take this as the constructive criticism it’s meant to be… (always a little paranoid about criticising a stranger’s work). =)

    • Dawn Kirby says:

      Morning John,
      Thanks for the read as well as the comment. Have no fear, I have no problem taking a little constructive criticism. In fact, I welcome it. I’m glad you enjoyed the story…I usually write 1st person POV, but with this I wanted to try my hand at 3rd. Clearly I still need a little work in that department. ; ) Thanks for the visit and I hope you’ll return again as I am planning to continue this story throughout the coming weeks.

  11. juliorvarela says:

    You had me at the very beginning and the relationship. A very cool read and very believable. I thought it was dripping in some good subcontext and complexity. I want to know more about the relationship. Welcome to FRIDAY FLASH!

    • Dawn Kirby says:

      Thanks so much! I had a blast putting this one together and am looking forward to doing more about Sage and a few others as well. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Good or bad, they’re always welcome!

  12. Normally I’m impatient with vampire/werewolf genre stories. But I got to say, this one drew me in and held me tight. I think it’s because it didn’t feel sentimental or forced. Two clearly drawn characters, and reasons to care about both. Very fine work here, Dawn.

  13. I really liked this. You develop the characters so well, draw out her emotions and conflicted nature. Terrific start for a werewolf tale.

    Welcome to #FridayFlash.

  14. Do tell that this is the beginning of a longer, hot, shapeshifting goodness. I feel for Mara; to feel so trouble that she needs to push a good man away… sigh.

    BTW, I was giggling when I read Mara’s name. That is the name of the best friend of a short story I’m working on.

    • Dawn Kirby says:

      Thanks for the read! Yes, “Used” is part of a larger work. I’m actually plotting it out now. Mara’s story is too intriguing not to tell. Lol, the name Mara means ‘bitter’. Perfect fit for a woman like her, wouldn’t you say? Have a wonderful weekend, Magaly!

  15. Oh, and I loved the title.

  16. Mara is a demon tempter in Buddhism, and a metaphor for temptation and doubt on the spiritual path to enlightenment. Mara is also an evil character in Dr. Who. A suitable name for this character.

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