By day I’m a typical working mom. Every cliché in the book applies to me as long as the sun’s up…maid, butler, taxi driver, cook; you name it, I do it.

By night I let myself fall into a world all my own. One that’s filled with colors, scents and supernatural beings of all kinds. Their voices fill my head. Their emotions overwhelm mine. An amazing world opens up in front of me. As my fingers glide over the keyboard, my daily life falls to the wayside, letting the mystery, darkness and danger of theirs completely consume me.

The first book in my Paranormal Romance series, SECRETS is soon to be published by Dark Dragon Publishing Company.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ann Swann says:

    Hello, Dawn, I’m enjoying your blog. I was told that you had a book or two coming out…I live in the same town and we share the same dentist! Good luck with your writing. My first novella, The Phantom Pilot, came out yesterday from Cool Well Press!
    Ann Swann

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