Blessing Within Sin

“How does one put true excitement into words?”

For days now I’ve asked myself that question. My ultimate conclusion has led to this inevitable answer; it’s virtually impossible. No matter how many clever quotes I pull up, exclamation points, fancy words or all caps I use none will ever suffice to truly express my emotional state as it stands at this very moment.  

Why so excited?   Because I’ve been asked to be a part of something amazing.

What could that “something” be?    A multi-genre collaboration encompassing each of the Seven Deadly Sins. That’s right…No story will be the same. No intermingling characters will weave their way through each individual sin. Each story will be told in a Voice unlike the one that came before. Each Voice as unique as the writer behind the words. 

Who might these “Voices” belong to?    Six of the most gifted and talented writers I have had the pleasure of “meeting”. Though we’ve never met in person, their individual love for words shines through in every story they write. They embrace the art with a level of passion I can only hope to one day achieve. 

How did I get so lucky?   Lord only knows. 

When?   In the months to come…

I ask you now to take a few minutes out of your day to meet each of these Literary Wonders…. I could wow you with flashy words, but I assure you these six writers can, without a doubt, stand on their own.

Michelle Picarella…Sloth @ShellyPicarella … South Carolina

 Stephen Penner…Anger/Wrath @StephenPenner …Washington      

Phlegyas, the Mind Juggler…Gluttony @theMindjuggler … Athens/London

Vickie Adair…Pride                      @Vickie_Adair …Texas

A.T. Russell…Greed             @ATRUSSELLWRITER …Illinois

TymothyLongoria…Envy @TymothyLongoria …Texas

And then there’s me…Lust …@SecretsWriter …Texas

Thank you Shelly for allowing me to be a part of this outstanding group of writers.