Inside Secrets

For those who have read Secrets, you know the story is told from Leah’s POV. This page is dedicated to telling the beginning of the story from an array of characters. I start this peek where it all began…


~ Judith ~

Judith sat impatiently on the small bed, twisting a strand of long brown hair around her too pale fingers, desperately waiting to hear the lock on her door disengage. Tonight was the night. Donovan was going to let her out of the prison she’s been confined to for the last twenty-three years and enjoy her life again. Her payment? Share David’s precious secret with Michael.

That little gem had been the reason he’d locked her in the tiny room to begin with. Donovan had been so afraid she’d take what she knew to someone else he forbade her from ever leaving his home again.

So what if she knew David, a vampire, had been able to father a child? She was pretty sure there was another halfbreed born somewhere down the line. Yes, the general belief being all vamps were sterile, but she had her doubts. Even she, as young as she was at the time knew each vampire had qualities, abilities others of their kind might not.

Not that it mattered anyway. David hadn’t so much as looked at her again since he found out what she’d turned him into. He hated her more than she hated Mia.

Mia. Pure, sweet, innocent Mia.

If she had just let David go she wouldn’t have had to make him a vampire. If she had just taken her claws out of him, they would have lived together all these years as a happy, loving couple.

“What if I tell him about Donovan’s plan?” she said to herself. Just thinking about his strong arms embracing her at last brought the sparkle back into her brown eyes. “Maybe, just maybe he’ll give me a chance.”

Sure affection would only be shown to protect his kid, but at least she’d have him. She might even get him to feed like a normal vampire. Blood bank bags were gross as far as she was concerned. Blood was better warm. Fresh. Plus there was that added benefit called fun.
“Don’t set foot out this door for at least fifteen minutes,” Donovan’s cool commanding voice whispered through the door. She heard the click of the lock and smiled. FREEDOM. “Raif will be waiting in the foyer to escort you to Michael.”

Judith stuck her tongue out at the door and sighed. So much for stretching her legs first. Raif would be there to make sure she stuck to whatever meticulous plan Donovan had put in his head. Useless wannabe.

Little more than five minutes passed before she stepped cautiously out into the hallway. Donovan had left the key in the lock just like he said he would. She shut the door quietly and locked it so no one else in the house would be the wiser. They all knew she was confined to her quarters most nights and with Donovan gone she doubted anyone would be doing the routine bed check.

Her deep red lips curled when she heard Declan’s Irish brough floating around his room, Gaelic music playing softly in the background; no doubt seducing dinner. She’d never been fond of him, but his obvious, most times blatant dislike for her coupled with his brotherly relationship with David made her blood boil.

Before she started down the stairs to put the key back in it’s place, she searched for David. Having eliminated his room due to the lack of the clicking of a keyboard, she hurried downstairs, running from one room to another, desperate to give him one last chance.

Coming up empty at every turn she resigned and gave up the search. Donovan asking her to wait meant one thing, David was with him.

Angry and hurt, she decided taking everything David held dear would be so much more fun. Both he and Mia had played a role in her being imprisoned anyway and it was high time they pay for it. Maybe Michael would even let her take care of sweet Mia all by herself.

David’s daughter was on her own.

Character from Secrets, Book One of the Serenity Series.


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